So far, Facelift have released five studio albums and played 1,000 live gigs.

Airplay (Summary): Ö3, FM4, GoTV and VIVA; Germany and the USA.

Highlights: Donauinselfest (Danube Island Festival), Westfalen Festival, Bizarre Festival, Nova Rock, Forestglade, SKI-WM (Alpine World Ski Championships) in Ramsau/Schladming; several club tours through Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic; college radio tour through the USA in 2013.

Awards: Austrian Music Award (Linz, 2007), Amadeus Music Award (FM4, 2004), Alternative “Newcomer” Music Award (Visions 2000), Rockin’ Movie Award 2010.

TV: “50 Jahre Pop/Rockmusik in Österreich” (“50 years of pop and rock music in Austria”) by Rudi Dolezal on ORF/3SAT, “Woodstock und was davon blieb” (“What remained from Woodstock”) by Rudi Dolezal on ORF/3SAT.

She (1998, OSM Records)
Pictures (2003, Pate Records)
Impossible Somethings (2006, Pate Records)
Holon (2009, Pate Records/Universal)
Whom do you see? (2012, Rough Trade)
The Falling Trees (2015, Pate Records/Rough Trade)
Lost in the Dust (2020, Pate Records/Orchard Music)
Blacklight (2023, Pate Records/Orchard Music)